Descúbreas is a programme for the promotion of female talent in music from an early age. WE HAVE SEVERAL OBJECTIVES:

1.- To empower young women who decide to take their first steps in music by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge.

2.- To show young people and society in general that there are women in the music industry who are leaders in this sector. 

3.- To generate a safe space, a community to connect music schools, emerging talent and female music professionals.

This is how we do it


Discover all the latest news from the music industry with a gender perspective. Releases, tours and other news about women creators.


A space where you will find emerging talent and established artists, promoters, management agents, booking agents, sound technicians, lighting technicians, communicators and all the professionals in Galicia who are leaders in the music sector. Meet other women who, like you, have decided that music is the sector in which they want to develop their profession. And if you are a professional, join our directory.
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 Learn from the best, women who will inspire you, help you, motivate you… 


Ask your questions about the music sector, solve questions that other people have asked. We’re listening!


Learn how to take your first steps in music with these useful video tutorials. The tools you need to launch your music project. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Post a topic in the forum.


And also...

In Descúbreas we do other activities:

Meetings to talk about the music industry

Talks on sustainability and equality

Collaborative videos with Music Schools in Pontevedra

We are proud signatories of the pledge Keychange

All the concerts in Galicia of artists you are interested in.
Discover also other forums and events with a gender perspective.

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Descúbreas Mentoring

Descúbreas mentoring is one of the most important actions of the Descúbreas programme, which aims to promote female talent in music by accompanying eight young women in a mentoring process.  We accompany the artists to provide them with the tools to enable them to make their own decisions.

Professional advice. A team of professionals and several leading women in the music industry will accompany the young women so that they can take their first steps and learn about the basic concepts of the sector: copyright, communication, distribution, creative process, festivals, etc. 

Recording Studio. The young women in the mentoring programme will record a song in a professional studio. A professional team will accompany the young women in the creative process.

Videoclip. A professional team will help the young woman to make the videoclip of the song recorded and produced in the studio.

This is the first edition of Descúbreas Mentoring